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Company History

Microsys has continued to grow and satisfy customers for 20 years. We are excited about our future and proud of our history, our customer satisfaction level, and our technical innovation and accomplishments.

bullet 2012 - Microsys joins the Concept Tech Group.

bullet 2010 - Microsys releases the fifth generation SureFire system.

bullet 2007 - Microsys celebrates it's 20 year anniversary and releases a number of significant new products, including SureFire Generation IV and a completely new Cold Gas System.

bullet 2005 - Microsys expands sales significantly in the Asian market with a large number of installations in China, Korea and Thailand.

bullet 2003 - Microsys releases numerous products for crash testing. Products include the SMART™ Box for monitoring and signal distribution; SureFire support for new megapixel cameras from Redlake and Vision Research; SureFire support for the on-board TDAS Pro product family from DTS. On the software side, we introduced PowerPlay LE™, a free data viewer, PowerPlay.NET™ for customers who need to access and analyze test results from any networked PC, and the PowerPlay Crash Analysis Toolkit.

bullet 1999 - Microsys releases PowerPlay analysis software, the industry's first high-performance, low-cost tool to analyze synchronized sensor data and high-speed video data.

bullet 1998 - Microsys releases its first standard system product for the automotive occupant safety market. This product, the SureFire Airbag Deployment Test System, proves to be very successful with over 60 installations worldwide over the next few years.

bullet 1998 - First crash product is delivered.

bullet 1992 - Microsys delivers it's first static airbag deployment test system. Within a few years Microsys earns a reputation of selling the industry leading solution.

bullet 1987 - Microsys Technologies Inc. incorporates in the Province of Ontario, Canada and launches in to the business of automated test system development.

bullet And the Future?  - A company becomes successful through hard work, good planning, and smart people. Our corporate values help our employees and the Company to attain success:

  • We strive to be the best  - Whatever products and services we choose to offer, we want to be the best-in-class.

  • We truly want to help our customers succeed - When we make our customers successful, they will make us successful.

  • We push ourselves to improve - We are always improving our products and services so that our competitors are always playing catch-up.

  • Our people  - We hire people who are smart, are team players and who share our corporate values. We treat our people fairly and in return, we expect creative solutions, loyalty, and hard work.


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