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Two decades of smart decisions

Microsys offers the occupant safety industry integrated high-speed video, data acquisition, data management and analysis solutions for airbag, crash test and many other occupant safety applications. Microsys also produces tanks for testing of gas generators, and a cold gas inflation system for R&D of airbag-equiped components.

Microsys customers are found worldwide and include many leading automakers and tier one suppliers such as General Motors, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Autoliv, Takata, TG, Key Safety, TRW, Delphi, Lear, Magna, Visteon and Johnson Controls.

Discover how Microsys products help auto manufacturers around the globe make smart decisions in milliseconds


Integrated safety test system

The SureFire system is a complete solution for airbag deployment, as well as testing of inflators and pretensioners. SureFire performs squib firing, data acquisition, camera control, safety management, database integration, analysis and reporting. SureFire is a mobile system designed to be flexible, easy to use, and upgradeable.

SureFire's automated operation results in higher productivity, more reproducible results and lower operating costs.

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Powerful post-test analysis software

Microsys PowerPlay is a sophisticated software tool that combines video analysis, data analysis and reporting.

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