Microsys Airbag Test Cell Goes Operational


Installation of a fully-automated, state-of-the-art, static automobile airbag deployment room has been completed by occupant-safety test-system manufacturer Microsys Technologies Inc, Mississauga ON.

Operator's workstation

This is the only installation of its kind in Canada, the firm says. The 12x11-foot room has an operator area complete with viewing window and allows for the installation of up to three of the company's SureFire control systems for product development; training of staff, customers, and sales agents; and demonstrations to potential buyers.

"This new capability allows our customers to experience a complete system in action, in a typical static airbag deployment room environment," Microsys President Corey Miller says, "The customer can easily identify with the overall design parameters and observe the need for automated test operations."

"The room will also function as a training facility and as a development and test lab," he adds "In addition, customers may also rent the facility for test deployments if their own facilities are not available or to meet peak test demands. Observers can easily see the various installed components, how they fit together, and how the lighting controls, safety interlocks, and power are wired into the facility."

"Both high-throughput lot acceptance testing (LAT) for production needs and engineering flexibility can be shown. Equipment line-up includes:

  • SureFire control system and software.
  • PowerPlay analysis software.
  • Dual Redlake HG2000 imagers.
  • Dual 2A squib supplies.
  • Squib resistance.
  • Squib current readback.
  • Automatic light control of seven 1000W halogen lights and 35W HID light.
  • Combination of mobile light poles and ceiling-mounted light track.
  • Safety interlocks: three e-stops, warning beacon and light, door sensor, magnetic door lock.
  • Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Fixtures to accommodate different airbag designs.

Interior of test cell

SureFire systems provide a safe deployment or bursting of airbags within a controlled environment for consistent test results under varying test parameters such as deployment temperature. The system can handle all types of pyrotechnic firing deployment devices for driver, side, and curtain airbags as well as seatbelt pretensioners. It automatically archives all sensor and image data without operator interaction.

A similar configuration may be used to automate the environmental control of a dynamic high-G accelerator sled application. All high-speed sensor (parametric) data is collected along with high-speed video. The system can synchronize multiple data and video streams (multiple cameras and/or different test shots) for fast post-deployment playback, comparisons, and analysis via PowerPlay analysis software.


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