Microsys Releases Next Generation SureFire System


Fourth Generation SureFire for Airbag, Inflator, Pretensioner Testing

For Immediate Release

Mississauga ON Canada, 2 April 2007

The Microsys SureFire System, already the world’s most popular system for testing airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and inflators has now entered it’s fourth generation. Based on 20 years of experience and feedback from global airbag deployment customers, SureFire G-IV adds numerous new features that increase the flexibility, accuracy and reliability of the product. SureFire G-IV started shipping in 4Q2006 to extremely positive customer response and has now entered full production.

SureFire G-IV New Features & Benefits

  • 16 bit data acquisition, hardware offset correction and improved electrical isolation result in greatly increased data accuracy
  • Standard support for up to 8 squib fire supplies: SureFire generation IV systemallows multiple airbags to be fired simultaneously
  • Easy mobility – now it’s possible to share a SureFire system between several labs
  • Can be configured to manage up to 3 test cells from a single SureFire system for large cost savings
  • When managing multiple test cells the SureFire software allows unique test sequences. This makes it possible to manage test cells for different products (e.g. airbags, inflators or pretensioners) while optimizing the test sequence for each one
  • High reliability: internal diagnostics monitor hardware status; modular design reduces down-time in the event of a hardware failure
  • Industry standard Lemo connectors for sensors and airbag fire cables makes it easier to share cables with your other labs
  • Simpler & faster installation



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