Airbag Testing with Auto-Door Chamber, Advanced Features


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Mississauga ON Canada, 18 January 2006

Airbag Testing with Auto-Door Chamber, Advanced Features

In September 2005 Microsys Technologies Inc. installed and certified a new temperature chamber designed specifically for airbag testing. The airbag and test fixture mount to the inside of the chamber door where they are held at the pre-defined soak temperature. Upon command the chamber door opens smoothly to put the airbag in to the ideal testing location, and fires the airbag, all within 6 seconds. Full integration with the Microsys SureFire deployment system means "one-button" operation and full integration of cameras, lights, facility controls, data acquisition, temperature monitoring and squib firing.


Compared to other auto-door chambers available today, the new Microsys chamber is clearly the most advanced, with the features that customers have been asking for:

  • Time from opening to airbag deployment in as little as 6 seconds 
  • Stable, strong and robust operation 
  • Full control and integration with the Microsys SureFire system 
  • Large internal volume, 1.25m3 standard, larger sizes available 
  • Extended temperature range: -40C to +100C 
  • Designed to allow dedicated hot & cold chambers to share a single test position 
  • Temperature shield to maintain chamber temperature when open (not shown)

An important advantage of the Microsys design are the door support legs that position themselves automatically as the chamber door opens. These legs serve to increase the stability of the door, reduce vibration, increase the maximum door load, and improve reliability.

Several of the chambers have been in constant operation for the past 4 months with extremely satisfied customers. Once again customers have acknowledged the benefits of working with Microsys, the technology leader in the world of airbag testing.



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