Microsys Commemorates 15th Anniversary


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Mississauga ON Canada, 1 July 2002 - Microsys marks the occasion of it's 15th anniversary in 2002, a milestone of which we are very proud.

Founded in 1987 as a data acquisition specialist, Microsys has grown to become the global leader in occupant safety test systems. With customers located around the world, including most of the major airbag producers and interiors providers, we are proud of what we have accomplished. Always looking forward, our engineers are now designing and building the products that will allow us to be even more successful in the future.

To honor this occasion, we'd like to say "thank you" to all the customers who have allowed us to be part of their success, and to all of our employees, past and present, who have made it possible.

For more information on the history of Microsys, click here.


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