Bodycote Sends Microsys Letter of Appreciation


Bodycote thanks the Microsys team for dedication and fast delivery:

28 May 2004

Dear Corey Miller, President, Microsys

As Bodycote is just about to purchase the Surefire system that we have been renting since January of this year, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank your “Microsys Team” for their excellent professionalism and dedication in bringing this system on-line in such an accelerated timeframe.

On behalf of everyone involved here at Bodycote Materials Testing Canada, please accept our sincere appreciation for a “job well done”!

We certainly look forward to working with Microsys in the future as Bodycote brings on new airbag test programs and continues to expand our capabilities in this area.


J. Douglas Ashton
Vice President Material Technologies Division
Bodycote Materials Testing Canada Inc.

About Bodycote

Bodycote Materials Testing is one of the 4 business units forming the UK Based Bodycote International PLC. (www.bodycote.com). Outsourcing to Bodycote makes good business sense, with over 245 facilities in 21 countries Bodycote offers an unrivalled level of services in materials testing, heat treat and brazing, hot isostatic pressing and metallurgical coatings.

The Materials Testing business unit consist of more than 40 accredited laboratories operating throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America providing testing, research and development, and consulting services to all sectors of industry. Bodycote's network of well-equipped testing facilities and dedicated group of scientists, engineers, chemists and materials specialists allow Bodycote to provide clients with solutions providing a competitive edge to bring products to the marketplace in a timely and cost-effective manner.

About Microsys

Microsys Technologies Inc. provides the occupant safety industry with integrated high-speed video, data acquisition, data management and analysis solutions for airbag deployment and crash test applications. Microsys occupant safety customers are located world-wide and include major automotive manufacturers and tier one suppliers such as General Motors, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Toyoda-Gosei, Delphi Automotive Systems, Johnson Controls, Takata, Daewoo, Lear, Magna, Dräxlmaier, GE, Visteon, Neaton and TRW. For more information see www.micro-sys.com or call 1.905.678.3288


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