Cold Gas System Demonstration in Germany


Invitation Only Demonstration of Exciting New Airbag R&D Technology

For Immediate Release

Mississauga ON Canada, 29 February 2008

Microsys is pleased to annouce a hands-on demonstration of the Cold Gas System will be held in Munich Germany, from 31 March 2008 to 4 April 2008.

The Cold Gas Inflation System (CGS) is a new airbag test technology that has the potential to help make significant improvements in the development of airbag related products.

The Cold Gas Inflation System is a flexible, repeatable replacement for airbag inflators. The CGS uses pressurized gas to inflate airbags, offers the same performance as a real inflator, and is fully adjustable for pressure rise time and peak pressure. Using the CGS offers large cost savings, decreases your development schedule, and allows for a highly optimized product design.

Who Should Attend:

  • Airbag R&D engineers
  • Instrument Panel design engineers
  • Test lab managers

Demonstration Session Agenda:

  • Applications for the Microsys Cold Gas Inflation System
  • Brief description of how the CGS works and the CGS patent-pending technology
  • Inflate one or more curtain airbags
  • Compare video and pressure test data between the CGS and a real inflator
  • Questions & answers

To request an invitation please contact Miss. Sabine Aumüller by telephone at +49 (6371) 914914 or by email sabine.aumueller@lutzconsult.com. Space is limited.



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