Microsys Cold Gas System Revolutionizing Airbag Development


Occupant Safety Industry Praising Benefits of the New Technology

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Mississauga ON Canada, 1 May 2008

Microsys released the Cold Gas System in September 2007, an innovative testing technology that provides automotive engineers a unique capability to optimize airbag product performance, by experimenting with different gas output speeds and quantities. Using the Cold Gas System (CGS), airbag and related products such as instrument panels can be developed much faster than by using traditional methods, and with significant cost savings.

Microsys is pleased to announce that the interest level in the Cold Gas System has surpassed expectations, with sales to car makers, airbag developers and interiors suppliers in Asia, Europe and North America.

Paul Slaats of Takata USA, in a research paper authored for the 2008 SAE World Congress, remarked that “The work so far has shown that the CGS can very well and consistently emulate traditional inflators in tank tests.” As well, “Integrity testing of module covers, interior trim, and IP’s that interact with deploying airbags can very well be tested repetitively using the CGS”.

According to Microsys Product Manager Colin Williams, “The benefits of deploying airbags with a test instrument rather than an inflator are numerous, but the technology needed to match the performance of a real inflator has so far eluded the industry. Microsys developed a patent-pending valve technology to provide the speed, gas flow, flexibility and operating cost the occupant safety industry needs to develop the next generation of safety products.”

One early adopter of the CGS was Harvey Ettinger of Visteon’s Advanced Development Group, who points out that “Airbags are expensive and during development these costs can add up, especially when you using prototype airbags. With the cold gas system we can develop a seamless system very close to the requirements prior to moving to live inflators.”

Corey Miller, President of Microsys is proud to say “We have been thrilled with the response the market has given the Cold Gas System. The feedback we have received tells us the CGS has the potential to revolutionize the airbag product development process, leading to shorter schedules, better designs, and increased occupant safety for all of us.”

The Cold Gas System is currently shipping in a single-stage configuration, with a dual-stage version expected later this year.


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