New Curtain Airbag Inflator Test Tank


Designed for Next Generation CAB Inflators

For Immediate Release

Mississauga ON Canada, 13 March 2007

Designed for the next generation of curtain airbag inflators, the newest member of the Microsys inflator test tank family can test CAB inflators up to 1.9 meters long and is fully automated for safe and reliable operation.

Microsys curtain airbag tank in the closed position

The 60 liter volume CAB tank opens and closes automatically using pneumatic controls. A separate wash position provides easy access for tank wash out and water drainage. A Programmable Controller automatically moves the tank between the open, closed and wash positions. Numerous sensors monitor the position of the tank lid, clamp status, tank pressurization and emergency stop switch to ensure operator safety throughout the testing process.

Microsys curtain airbag tank in the open position

As with all Microsys inflator test tanks, the CAB tank is rated to 200psi, is hydro-statically tested to 130% of rated pressure and is ASME certified. The tank body is 100% stainless steel construction and multiple ports for pressure, drainage and ventilation.



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