New SureFire Support for Kayser-Threde DAS


Now you can mix KT & DTS DAS under control of SureFire

For Immediate Release

Mississauga ON Canada, 4 April 2006

Microsys has introduced support for the Kayser-Threde ruggedized and stationary MINIDAU® data acquisition systems to its SureFire product line. Now you can use the SureFire software package to control Kayser-Threde MINIDAU® along side DTS TDAS equipment, share the same sensor database and have one easy to use graphical user interface. You also get the advantage of direct access to all the hardware features of your TDAS and MINIDAU equipment without relying on any emulation or middleware that restricts functionality.

In addition to controlling your KT and DTS data acquisition systems during the test, SureFire allows you to interactively test your setup as you go, save the configuration for instant recall at a later date and with additional options you can add control of your high-speed cameras and lighting system for a truly integrated solution. By using one integrated software package instead of a software package for each hardware type you reduce training costs, reduce the potential for errors, cutback on the number of computers needed, and easily ensure all your data is save in the correct format and in the correct location.

With SureFire you are no longer tied to one vendor of data acquisition hardware. Now you can choose one vendor today and another in the future with confidence that you can continue to use both DAS makes together. Furthermore your software interface and test process remain the same, resulting in more up-time and less operator re-training.

SureFire for MINIDAU and TDAS designed for use in any of the following applications:

  • Sled
  • Barrier
  • Car to car
  • Roll-over
  • OOP
  • Drop tower
  • Pendulum

Throughout the software development process Microsys worked closely with Kayser-Threde to ensure that SureFire would provide reliable operation of the MINIDAU equipment. Kayser-Threde reviewed the operation of the MINIDAU using SureFire and verified that all functions worked according to their expectations.

See the attached letter from Mr. Gerhard Haas for more details.


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