Key Safety Systems Selects Microsys as Preferred Vendor


Standardizing on SureFire will give KSS benefits such as data consistency, data portability and increased confidence in the test results

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI (December 15, 2008) – KSS (Key Safety Systems), a leading global engineering, manufacturer and supplier of safety critical components and systems, today announced that it has selected Microsys Technologies Inc. (Microsys), as it's preferred supplier for critical testing equipment related to it's airbag, inflator and pretensioner products.

"As part of our strategy to centralize purchasing and harmonize the equipment in use at our facilities, we have been searching for a partner that can help us in the key area of airbag & inflator testing." said John Froelich, KSS Global Manager for Capital Expenditures. "In Microsys we have found a supplier with a successful track record with KSS at a numerous locations worldwide. Like KSS, Microsys is considered a global leader and by cooperating both companies will benefit by sharing knowledge and experience."

"One of the vital attributes KSS was looking for was a vendor that is able to provide technical support to the many KSS technical centers and manufacturing locations around the world." said Corey Miller, Microsys President. "KSS also greatly appreciated the flexibility that the Microsys SureFire test system offers, allowing one system to control up to 3 test cells. By changing software modes a SureFire system can test airbags, inflators and pretensioners. Standardizing on SureFire will give KSS benefits such as data consistency, data portability and increased confidence in the test results."


About KSS

KSS is a leading global designer and manufacturer of safety-critical components and systems including airbags, seat belts and steering wheels. KSS products are featured in more than 300 vehicle models produced by over 60 automobile manufacturers worldwide. KSS’ global reach comprises 36 manufacturing, technical and sales facilities in 12 countries generating approximately $1 billion in sales and employing around 7,500 people. http://www.keysafetyinc.com/

About Microsys

Microsys has provided the occupant safety industry with integrated high-speed video, data acquisition, data management and analysis products for airbag deployment and crash test applications for 20 years. Microsys customers are located world-wide and include all major airbag and interiors suppliers, as well as numerous automotive manufacturers. The Company is based in Toronto Canada and has sales & support offices in all major automotive centers of the world. www.micro-sys.com


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