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Mississauga ON Canada, 4 November 2002 - Microsys Technologies announced today the opening of a new sales and support office in Monterrey, Mexico. This office will enable Microsys to improve customer support in the region, and is in response to growing demand for Microsys test products and solutions in Mexico and Latin America. Microsys is pleased to announce that Mr. Francisco Tamayo-Broes will head up this expansion.

The level of Microsys business within Mexico has been steadily increasing and today represents over 20% of the current installed base for SureFire, Microsys' industry leading automotive occupant safety test system. This move clearly highlights the importance of it's Mexican customer base and puts Microsys in position to aggressively expand business operations within the region.

Corey Miller, Microsys' President said: "Mexico has been one of our major markets for SureFire airbag and seatbelt pretensioner test systems, and the opening of a direct sales and support office is an essential part of our strategy to have a major presence in all of the world's top automotive markets."

Mexico is currently the world's 10th largest worldwide producer of automotive vehicles and growing rapidly. Mexican exports of autos and auto parts totaled US$29 billion in 1999. More than US$5 billion has been invested by automotive manufacturers and suppliers in Mexico's auto industry in the past three years. Another US$15 billion is expected over the next three years.

Contact Francisco Tamayo-Broes.


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