PowerPlay Version 5 Release


For Immediate Release

Mississauga ON Canada, 30 September 2002 - Microsys Technologies is pleased to announce the release and shipping of the latest revision of PowerPlay (Version 5), its industry-leading analysis toolkit used in analyzing airbag deployments and high-G sled data!

What's New in PowerPlay 5?

Image Data Analysis

  • Open multiple file types: In addition to the standard Microsys "TST" test format, in PowerPlay 5 you may now open the following file types: TIF/TIFF, BYR (Bayer), BMP, JPG, GIF, and AVI. The ability to open these types of files gives you flexibility to visualize data from different sources even if SureFire™ did not capture them. You can open any number or type of compatible files including single frame images, for example, from a post-event photographic still image.
  • Image Processing: Now you can sharpen or soften the displayed image to improve the appearance of the image. Additionally, you can select edge enhancement or detection for further image processing such as edge detection or contour definition. These image adjustments can be saved.
  • Adjust Time Zero: You can now redefine T0 (time zero) to be any frame within any image series. This is useful for images captured without a synchronized T0 such as when importing AVI movies, simulated images, or digitized film images. It is useful to adjust T0 after a sled or crash test when the trigger point may not always correspond to the expected T0.
  • Export Images: Save the current displayed frame or all the frames in TIF, JPG, or BMP formats. When "All Frames" is selected, they are saved as a series or sequence of images. Saved frames reflect all current image enhancements such as brightness, contract, gamma, red, green, blue, edge enhancement or edge detection.
  • Pointer Position: An X-Y readout of the real-time mouse position is indicated to aid in analysis accuracy where cursor position is critical such as linear dimension measurements.

Sensor Data Analysis

  • Open multiple file types: In addition to the standard Microsys "TST" (test results) format, in PowerPlay 5 you may now open CSV (comma separated values - Excel compatible), and ISO 13499 sensor data files. The ability to open these types of files gives you flexibility to visualize data from different sources even if SureFire™ did not capture them. You can open any number or type of compatible files.
  • Import/Export DIAdem files: Now you can export to DIAdem so that you can use existing DIAdem programs. Import existing DIAdem files to visualize the results in PowerPlay.
  • Injury Criteria: You may select from a drop down menu, either HIC15 or HIC36. PowerPlay 5 adds the results to the graph comments window, which of course can be saved and placed into a report. Many more commonly used crash analysis equations and calculations will be added shortly.
  • Show Sensor Info: You may select to see a tabular format of the scaled sensor data vs. time to review numerical data in addition to the standard graphical representation. This also displays sensor descriptions such as acquisition rate, scaling, channel name, units, number of samples, and other useful information about the sensor.
  • Dual Cursors: Each sensor graph in PowerPlay 5 now opens with dual color-coded cursors to assist you in analyzing your data. The graph readout displays both the time and amplitude for each cursor as well as the delta time and amplitude between the cursors. The cursors can be locked so that when they move, the distance between the cursors remains constant.


  • Database Browsing: You can browse the SureFire database (either Oracle™ or MS Access™). Browsing allows you to select the test of interest through searches using match criteria for items such as a test date, platform, or test number.
  • Free Viewer: PowerPlay 5 has a companion product for viewing test results. Called the PowerPlay Limited Edition, this royalty-free viewer is aimed at the needs of customers who need to distribute their test results to others who only need to be able to see both recorded images and sensor data. The PowerPlay Limited Edition viewer contains the same powerful video data and sensor data viewing capabilities as the full featured version, without the more advanced analysis and image enhancement tools.

What's Been Updated in PowerPlay 5?

Image Data Analysis

  • Enhanced Linear Measurement Function: Now more accurate and more flexible than ever. With PowerPlay 5, several lines can be used as markers making it easier to measure the distance between 2 objects.
  • AVI Creation: The process now has easier and more flexible parameter setting enhancements such as key frame definition, compressor selection (by list), frame rate, quality, frame start and stop selection (via easy to use pointers or data entry boxes), and a file-save-to location. PowerPlay 5 now allows you to modify the size of the AVI you create. This means you can shrink it in size to decrease the image file size, or expand it for presentation purposes. AVI movies are created faster with PowerPlay 5, which now provides more control than ever over image quality and creation speed.
  • Zoom: Available now ranging from 10% to 1000% in decade steps instead of just x1, x2, and x3. This capability provides more flexibility in viewing your test data. In addition, when expanded, the region of interest stays centered when advancing through images.
  • Play Speed: Available now ranging from 10% to 1000% in decade steps. All image playback buttons now have keyboard shortcuts to speed up the analysis without using your mouse.


  • Options: The setting of default file paths for various needs has been simplified and expanded to add the following locations: Temporary Directory, Default File Open Directory, Database Location, AVI Default Save Directory, Color Correction File Directory, Load Priority 


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