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New Microsys occupant safety test system integrates control, safety, environment, acquisition, analysis

Microsys Technologies Inc. announces the SureFire fourth generation automotive occupant safety tester.

Concord ON Canada, October 2, 2000 - Based on the previous Microsys Occupant Safety Test Series high-speed video technology platform, SureFire targets such critical applications as airbag static deployment and burst tests as well as tank, sled, barrier, crash, pendulum, and head impact tests. Both high-speed video (to 4,500 frames/second) and high-speed parametric sensor data (to 100,000 samples/second) are captured during a safe, computer-controlled deployment. Post-acquisition is handled PowerPlay analysis tool. This can be optionally installed on multiple or networked workstations for engineering convenience.

Key benefits of the SureFire product include:

  • A fully configurable, integrated system, including safety, environment, control, acquisition, and analysis functions
  • Control of multiple high-speed cameras for different views
  • Post-acquisition synchronization of multiple video views and parametric data streams even from different tests on different days
  • Linear measurement tools for direct measurements from the video images
  • Data management of the large amounts of data collected (can exceed 70M/test)
  • Foolproof system for operator safety

"The SureFire system provides for a safe deployment or bursting of airbags within a controlled environment for operator safety. This is a direct result of the need to use potentially hazardous materials to ignite and deploy the various types of devices," Microsys President Corey Miller explains. "The system can handle all types of pyrotechnic firing deployment systems for driver, side and curtain airbags as well as seatbelt pretensioners." High-speed parametric data is collected with high-speed video (to 7,000 frames per second). An important advantage is the ability to synchronize multiple data and video streams (multiple cameras or different test shots) for fast post-deployment playback and analysis.

Additionally, the ability of the SureFire system to precisely repeat tests, based on stored test profiles, means more consistent test results at lower costs by minimizing wasted deployments. Since the operator has limited selections, the setup is faster and correct. Engineers (and test system administrators) can, via password protection, modify/store any or all test profile parameters for maximum test flexibility.

SureFire controls and monitors all operator safety interlocks such as ventilation, squib safety, door sensors and warning devices. Optionally, SureFire can monitor environmental chambers for "soaking" of units to ensure that the correct temperature was reached and held for the proscribed length of time.

Since SureFire is configurable, many test applications can be handled by the same system. The system can easily be adapted for other types of tests by loading a different test profile (there may need to be some hardware changes). For example, one customer uses SureFire to control a static airbag deployment system and also uses the same SureFire system to control a squib tank (or pressure vessel) test. Reusing all the hardware and software makes the SureFire system most cost-effective.

The main SureFire applications include tests for most automotive interior components (occupant safety) as well as bumper tests. Other potential SureFire applications include situations where high-speed video combined with high speed data is needed to verify functionality of mechanical devices, including ordinance (explosions), large burner nozzles (for efficiency), aircraft shock testing (for failure mode analysis), and chemical dispensing patterns (for coverage and rate).

Microsys Technologies is the world-leading provider of occupant safety test systems in the global automotive market. The company has installations in all the major international automotive markets, including North, Latin and South America, Europe, and Asia.


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