TG North America Expresses Affection for SureFire and PowerPlay


For Immediate Release
Mississauga ON Canada, 14 February 2003

SureFire and PowerPlay usage prompts this response from Toyoda Gosei North America:

I am a Senior Test Engineer for TG North America Corporation. I perform R&D testing on airbag modules for the Safety Systems Group. I have been conducting static airbag deployments inside an environmental chamber on driver and passenger side airbag modules. We are using an integrated static deployment test system designed by Microsys Technologies Inc., utilizing the SureFire test control, data acquisition, and high-speed video camera control instrumentation and software. After conducting our static deployment testing, we perform post-test analysis with the Microsys PowerPlay software.

I have been utilizing the Microsys SureFire integrated test system for over two years now and have been very pleased with the performance and reliability of the system. We perform many tests on prototype components of airbag modules, which can be very expensive. Naturally, capturing the data and images is very important to us. SureFire offers a straightforward approach to setting up test parameters and guarantees safe and dependable initiation of tests by monitoring interlocks and instrumentation status. Test data is always secure upon completion of a deployment by downloading all images and acquired data to our analysis PC and a redundant intermediate hard drive located on the SureFire PC.

The PowerPlay software provides easy manipulation and synchronization of high-speed images and sensor data for automated report generation and detailed analysis. This has been a very useful tool in our lab, and has proven to be very reliable.

We have not experienced any significant problems with our SureFire test system since it's introduction to our laboratory. I would recommend the SureFire Airbag Deployment Test System and the PowerPlay Analysis Software to all airbag testing facilities around the world.


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