Key Safety Systems Opens $30M Auto Safety Center in Shanghai


Microsys SureFire Picked for Airbag Deployment Systems

For Immediate Release
Mississauga ON Canada, 8 March 2006

Key Safety System, one of the world's leading automotive safety system makers, announced the grand opening of its US$30 million Asia technology and manufacturing center in Shanghai on March 8, 2006.

The center, which is operated by Yanfeng Key (Shanghai) Automotive Safety Systems Co Ltd, a joint venture of KSS and Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim Corp, is set to be the largest safety system manufacturing and engineering plant in China.

The facility will mainly produce airbag modules, seat belt assemblies and steering wheels and will have more than 1,000 employees. The annual production capacity is set at 2 million steering wheels, 5 million airbag modules as well as 2 million seat belt assemblies for the Chinese, European and North American markets.

Yanfeng Key has selected Microsys Technologies Inc. to provide the equipment used by YFK personnel for static airbag deployment testing. "We are proud of our business relationship with Key Safety and Yanfeng Key, and wish them very much success in China. "Some of the SureFire product features implemented at Yanfeng Key will certainly make it among the most efficient and flexible labs, not only at Key Safety, but anywhere in the world." said Corey Miller, President of Microsys .

KSS, which is 58 percent owned by Ewing Management Group, one of the world's largest private equity investors, predicts the safety systems market would be worth US$700 million in China by the end of 2009 while its market share would grow from 5 percent to over 20 percent over the next few years.

There were 98,738 traffic fatalities stemming from 450,000 accidents in China last year.


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