Microsys Release SureFire Version 5


4 March 2002

Microsys Technologies Inc will showcase and demonstrate its powerful SureFire™ Occupant Safety Test System and PowerPlay™ analysis software at the 2002 SAE Show, opening today in Detroit.

The successful Microsys SureFire occupant safety test system control software has a new release, Version 5, which includes two major upgrades: database functionality and enhanced camera control.

SureFire 5 is intended for use in sled, crash and airbag test systems.

Key benefits of SureFire Version 5.0 include:

  • Database functionality to ease the handling of large image and sensor data files created during a test
  • Database functionality to handle system configuration and calibration issues
  • Customers can choose Oracle or Microsoft Access as the database engine
  • Camera control options: for 2, up to 9, or up to 255 high-speed digital cameras
  • Camera parameter management including information such as:
    • parameter settings, serial number, current lens, current assignment, etc.
    • compatible high-speed digital cameras are Redlake MASD HG/CR Family Series
    • other cameras may be supported, ask for details
  • Auto-AVI creation based on pre-defined frame ranges and corrections
  • The ability to save and recall “test profiles” to simplify and speed setups
  • Adaptable for complete integration of high-G sled crash simulation facilities
  • Available as a stand-alone camera control package, called iMotion
  • Upgrade older installations of SureFire easily, choosing the database: Oracle, MS Access, or MS SQL (future capability, ask for details)

A major advantage in the use of a database in test systems of this type is providing the engineers the ability to easily keep track of various test settings, configurations, and test results.  It does this by automatically downloading and saving large data files (a series of image files) generated during a test.  New mega-pixel resolution cameras that are beginning to ship can generate images exceeding 1Mb in size and if the test calls for 100 frames, this means 100Mb of images per camera, which must be downloaded, saved, and tracked.  Tasks such as Out-Of-Position (OOP) testing generate additional sensor data files to be downloaded, saved, and tracked.  These files can exceed 2Mb (64 channels x 16-bits x 20KS/s for 100ms).  The database functionality actually saves pointers to the data files, regardless of where they are saved, thus simplifying database maintenance/backup issues and use of the data in other programs such as Excel.

The new SureFire database functionality provides a convenient way to store "test profiles" and metadata (operator and test information) which simplify setting up (replicating) the same test later by making all of the original test parameters available for re-use.  These test results also contain all calibration details on the system components to provide proof of validation of all calibration factors, even months after the event, as no data can be user-modified.  Total test storage needs include: image files, sensor data files, "test profile" configuration, and calibration data.  A test may easily generate more than 250Mb depending on the number of cameras and their resolution.

The new camera control features allow the lab manager can easily create standard (re-usable) camera views and give the imagers ID's for system recognition purposes.  The camera control software is also available as a stand-alone package called iMotion, without squib, safety interlock, or DAS control.  The manager creates standard "test profiles" for different types of tests with varying numbers of cameras and camera configurations.  "The iMotion video module permits test operators to quickly configure and confirm the required cameras setup based on current test requirements," Microsys President Corey Miller explains.  "With iMotion, the operator can quickly determine which cameras and lens combinations are available and if they are currently assigned to any view.  Once installed, the cameras can be correctly configured using the “test profiles” which include all controllable camera parameters such as: exposure, rate, view-name, download, auto-AVI creation, automatic color-correction (RGB and BCG), etc."  New views and configurations are easily saved for future use when recalled.

A major advantage of the use of "test profiles" is the elimination of setup errors caused by incorrect selection of camera parameters for a specific type of test or view.  If the exposure rate is not correct for the lighting situation, the entire test may have to be re-done or there could be a loss of valuable image data.

SureFire is a complete, integrated Microsys Technologies Inc product, providing a safe and fully automated airbag deployment test system that automatically downloads and saves all images and sensor data.  All settable test parameters are operator controlled via a multi-level password.  Loadable and savable "test profiles" simplify setups and ensure consistent testing procedures to help validate your internal ISO policies.

Once saved, the PowerPlay analysis software provides sophisticated analysis tools for the data and images with the ability to "playback" all data, even from multiple tests, in a time-synchronized manner.  A design engineer can then make either linear or angular measurements directly on the displayed image.  Multiple-trace graphs allow the engineer to overlay user-selected traces that are considered important only after the test.  The user may subject sensor data to standard SAE J211 filters, standard math, and statistical functions.  Additionally, the user can generate color-corrected AVI movie loops for distribution and professional Microsoft Excel-based reports, based on templates that they control.

Microsys is a world-leading provider of occupant safety test systems in the global automotive market, with installations in all major international automotive markets.  The SureFire system provides for a safe, automated deployment or bursting of airbags within a controlled environment.  The system can handle all types of pyrotechnic deployment devices for driver, passenger, side, and curtain airbags as well as buckle or retraction style seatbelt pretensioners.  Another configuration of SureFire is applicable in the integration and control of a dynamic high-G crash simulation application.  All high-speed sensor (parametric) data is collected along with high-speed video (in excess of 10,000 frames per second, especially with the new high-speed/high-resolution cameras).  A major advantage of the system is the ability to easily synchronize multiple data and video streams (multiple cameras) from different tests for fast post-deployment playback, comparisons, and analysis using the included PowerPlay Analysis Tool Kit.


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