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Microsys Products for Crash Testing

For many years customers asked if Microsys could help them improve the productivity of their barrier and sled testing process just as SureFire had done so successfully for airbag testing. Microsys listened and in 2003 released a suite of software and hardware products for the crash test market.

In addition to offering our own products, Microsys has alliances with many of the major equipment providers, allowing customers to order a complete crash test facility from Microsys..

Crash Test Partners

Many customers prefer to have a single company provide the instrumentation for their sled or barrier facility. This "turnkey" approach improves communication and schedule coordination among the vendors. It also simplifies post-installation support by removing "finger-pointing".

The Microsys approach to providing a turnkey crash facility combines instrumentation from our partners with Microsys planning, project management, control software, installation, training and support.

Our partners:

  • For data acquisition systems: DTS and Kayser Threde
  • For high speed cameras: IDT, Vision Research, NAC
  • For HMI lighting: KHS
  • For dummies: Humanetics


Microsys Crash Products

Microsys products for barrier and sled testing include:


SureFire Control Software - In brief

SureFire software is modular product that can be configured to control some or all of the test instrumentation in a crash facility.

  • Data acquisition system control
  • High-speed camera control
  • Photographic light system control
  • Management of facility safety issues
  • Trigger distribution and signal management

SureFire will interact with the sled or barrier propulsion control to ensure the timing of the instrumentation controls is synchronized with the test. Read more about how SureFire software can help you improve your crash operations. A detailed list of SureFire crash features is available.

iMotion Camera Control Software - In brief

Operators of high-speed cameras in sled and barrier facilities spend a significant portion of their time on cameras related functions: camera set-up, image download, AVI creation and image archival. iMotion software greatly improves the productivity of these facilities by automating most of the camera related tasks.

iMotion is compatible with most Redlake and Vision Research Phantom cameras.


PowerPlay Image and Sensor Analysis Software - In brief

PowerPlay provides all necessary crash analysis functions. Major features include:

  • Image viewing and image enhancement
  • AVI creation
  • Sensor viewing and analysis
  • Synchronized image and sensor analysis
  • Injury criteria
  • Report generation

PowerPlay perfectly balances a powerful feature list with ease of use. Click here for further information about PowerPlay and detailed specifications.


SMART Signal Management Device - In brief

A huge challenge in the crash world is keeping tabs on the status of all your critical data peripherals such as the high-speed imagers and DAS units that collect test data.  Most systems have no effective way to distribute the arming and trigger signals to active devices nor to tell the fire (propulsion) control system that some device has a fault and to not continue with the test!

SMART connects all the pieces so now you can know the status of all your critical data peripherals at a single glance…

  • Monitors all imagers and DAS units for availability
  • Distributes the arming signals to all cameras & DAS networks
  • Distributes the trigger signal to all cameras and DAS networks
  • Inhibits “start of test” if a fault is detected

Read more about SMART management of your crash test peripherals.


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