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PowerPlay Crash Analysis Toolkit



The Microsys PowerPlay Crash Analysis Toolkit provides you with injury criteria analysis of your sensor data.

The Toolkit contains a set of vehicle safety test analysis functions that are commonly used in the area of crash testing. These functions are designed following the official regulations of ISO, SAE, NHTSA, FMVSS, ECE, and others.


Injury Criteria Functions

The available injury criteria functions are either currently available or planned:

  • Combined Thoracic Index (CTI)
  • Rib Deflection Criterion (RDC)
  • Thoracic Compression Criteria (TCC or ThCC)
  • Thoracic Trauma Index (TTI 2ch)
  • Thoracic Trauma Index (TTI 3ch)
  • Thorax Acceptability Criteria (ThAC)
  • Thorax Performance Criteria (THPC)
  • Viscous criterion (VC)
  • X-g value - cum. time where accel >= X[g]
  • Head acceptability criteria (HAC)
  • Head contact duration (HCD)
  • Head Injury Criterion (HIC)
  • Head Performance Criterion (HIC15)
  • Head Performance Criterion (HIC36)
  • Head performance criterion (HPC)
  • Abdominal Peak Force (APF)
  • Femur force criterion (FFC)
  • Pubic Symphysis Peak Force (PSPF)
  • Tibia Compression Force Criterion (TCFC)
  • Tibia index (TI) as injury criteria for lower leg
  • Moment about Occipital Condyle (Moc)
  • Neck injury criterion (Nce)
  • Neck injury criterion (Ncf)
  • Neck injury criterion (Nte)
  • Neck injury criterion (Ntf)
  • NIC (front impact ECE)
  • NIC (front impact FMVSS)
  • NIC (rear impact)
  • Time at Level
  • Acceleration during compression phase (Acomp)
  • Addition of 2 channels
  • Addition of 3 channels
  • Calculation of pulse limit
  • FIR100 filter
  • Three dimensional resultant
  • Two dimensional resultant
  • X-ms value - max accel for time period  x ms

The desired injury calculations are selected and generated under operator command. The PowerPlay Crash Analysis Toolkit automatically determines the necessary source files by decoding the sensor data file names. Compatible with both the ISO naming convention and customer-specific naming conventions.



These additional arithmetic functions are built into the standard version of PowerPlay:

  • SAE J211 CFC60, 180, 600, 1000 filters
  • Integration
  • Derivative
  • ABS
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Subtraction - from a constant
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • EXP
  • INV
  • Inverse
  • Power LN
  • SQ, SQ RT
  • Average over entire interval
  • Average over selected interval
  • Maximum and minimum over entire interval including time
  • Maximum and minimum over selected interval including time

Injury criteria are sent to a table for further processing and report generation.

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