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Your customers need to view and analyze their test data immediately. Your customers are on the other side of the city or maybe the other side of the world. You have many more tests to complete before you can generate your reports. What will you do?

Now Microsys has the answer. Introducing PowerPlay.NET. With PowerPlay.NET, test data is accessible via the internet as soon as it is saved, no matter where you are! Using Internet Explorer, your customers can search, view and retrieve test results across the internet, all at no cost.


PowerPlay.NET was designed to allow secure access your test data using Internet-based tools found on your standard PC. The PowerPlay.NET search screen displays options such as date range, program name, customer, test number, or any test field recorded by the test system.

Test files that meet the search criteria are displayed and you may then view any test data:

  • meta or test header details (date performed, program, etc.)
  • sensor data
  • image data
  • AVIs
  • post-test still photos

Once the data is on screen for viewing, the user may view or download any available images, AVI files, sensor graphs.

Sensor Display Screen

Image Display Screen

System Requirements

For the user, PowerPlay.NET runs on a standard Windows PC using Internet Explorer.

For the organization, PowerPlay.NET requires Microsoft SQL Server running on a Microsoft Internet Information Server platform.

For administrators, Microsys provides tools to manage the access for multiple customers to maintain security.  PowerPlay.NET only permits access to specific data as defined by the administrator.

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