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SureFire Airbag Inflator Test System

SureFire Generation 5 Test System
The Microsys SureFire Airbag Inflator Test System is used for engineering and production testing of air bag inflators and igniters.

The SureFire Airbag Inflator Test System performs a safe, controlled firing of an airbag inflator or igniter, typically within a test tank. SureFire will typically perform high-speed data acquisition of pressure sensors, squib currents and squib voltages. At the end of a test SureFire can generate a test report including pass/fail  based on US Car corridors or other criterion.

Microsys also sells a series of test tanks that are designed to operate in conjunction with the SureFire Inflator Test System.


  • Compatible with single-stage and dual-stage inflators
  • Adjustable squib timing
  • 16 bit data acquisition of pressure sensors
  • Hardware offset correction and improved electrical isolation result in greatly increased data accuracy
  • Monitoring of tank wall temperature
  • Control and monitoring of safety interlocks including emergency stop switches, door locks, door sensors, audible alarms and warning lights
  • SAE J211 compliance
  • Pressure sensor analysis and reporting using PowerPlay


View the sensor data and video data at the same time, even synchronized in time.

bullet Fully automated testing - Test system monitors and activates all safety, imaging and data acquisition equipment for burst room setup, performs a controlled burst test and displays test data.

bullet Specify and save product test parameters - Test set-up parameters for multiple products can be instantly recalled. Product test specifications can be easily changed to meet new engineering requirements.

bullet Modifications to the test system can be easily incorporated - Changes to system characteristics like transducer calibration data, event timing, and device addresses are easily incorporated by a password protected system configuration screen.

bullet Computer-assisted system check - Permits manual operation of components for complete system verification in order to meet QS 9000 and ISO 9000 requirements. Allows for quick and easy performance of maintenance and troubleshooting exercises.

bullet Automated Test Reporting - Notes from analysis can be documented and stored with test results for complete reporting. Test results can be automatically communicated to a plant floor inventory control computer. Specific test results can be easily imported into your office software for analysis and review.


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