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Product Overview

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SureFire Airbag Deployment System

The SureFire airbag deployment system is the oldest and most popular product that Microsys offers with nearly 400 installations. It's most common usage is for lot acceptance testing (LAT), conformance of production (COP) testing, development testing, and DV/PV testing. 
SureFire customers include most major airbag manufacturers, instrument panel (IP) suppliers, seat suppliers and OEM's. In short, any company that produces airbags or a vehicle component that interacts with airbags use SureFire to ensure the design and quality of their product.
SureFire customers benefit from the highest levels of integration and productivity in the industry.

Inflator & Ballistic Test Tanks

Microsys Inflator & Ballistics Test Tanks lead the industry in terms of features and productivity.
The Microsys iTank includes a submarine style door for easy access without the need for power tools. A water cooling jacket allows for very fast test cycle times by rapidly bringing the iTank wall temperature back to ambient levels.
Size availability includes 28.3L (1 cubic foot) and 60L, as well as several other sizes.
Microsys iTanks are designed to operate both independently or conjunction with the SureFire Inflator Test System.

Cold Gas Airbag Inflator

The Microsys cold gas airbag inflation system is used to inflate airbags using compressed gas. Powered by patent pending Microsys ultra fast high-throughput valve, the new Cold Gas System can generate pressure curves that replicate airbag inflator performance, from extremely fast inflators used with side and curtain airbags to high-volume inflators designed for passenger-side airbags. Pyrotechnic, hybrid and compressed gas inflators can be replaced with the Cold Gas System.
Both single-stage and even dual-stage inflators curves can be generated, using a Microsys proprietary electronic firing valve that fully opens within 2 msec of the trigger pulse. The Microsys Cold Gas System allows adjustments in gas quantity from 0.5 to 8 moles, and has a speed adjustment to cover the full range of known airbag inflators.

Analysis Software & Data Management

PowerPlay is the popular Microsys Analysis Software. PowerPlay comes with many standard features for video and sensor data analysis and may be upgraded by adding toolkits for crash analysis, multiple window movie creation and more. SureFire Test Systems integrate seamlessly with PowerPlay data viewing software.

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