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SureFire Airbag Deployment System - Major Features

Microsys has been making airbag deployment systems for 15 years. With so much experience Microsys understands the features and capabilities that are required to perform airbag deployment in a safe, accurate and productive fashion.

Major features of the SureFire Airbag Deployment System:

High-Speed Video
  • Automatic camera setup, triggering, image retrieval, and data archiving
  • Selectable storage format: JPEG, TIFF, BAYER
  • Camera files stored in 2 locations for fail-safe operation
  • Automatic AVI creation
  • Full integrated support for most high speed cameras from IDT, Vision Research and NAC
  • Available lighting systems include tungsten-halogen and high-intensity discharge lights (HID) or HMI for low-power & low-heat transfer applications
  • All lighting systems automatically controlled
  • Numerous types of floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted light-track systems
  • Optional motorized camera & lighting positioning systems
Data Acquisition
  • Standard 16 bit data acquisition
  • Selectable data acquisition speed up to 100,000 samples per second.
  • Data acquisition available starting from 4 channels
  • SAE J211 anti-aliasing filters
  • Sensor database
  • Standard readback of squib current and squib voltage
  • Optional internal airbag pressure sensor
  • Automatic setup, triggering, and data archiving
  • Data storage in ISO 13499 or ASCII (CSV) format
  • Thermocouple data acquisition for long term monitoring of environmental chamber and part temperatures
  • Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring
Squib Fire Supplies
  • Configurable for up to 8 squib channels
  • Adjustable amplitude, duration, and time delay
  • Current pulse or voltage pulse firing
  • Squib safety circuit ensures safe operation
  • Full input and output isolation to ensure energy transfer always goes through the airbag inflator, and cross-talk interference will not occur
  • Automatic 4-wire squib resistance measurement both pre and post deployment
  • Squib cables rated for operation from -40C to +110C
Safety Interlocks
  • Automatic control and monitoring of all safety interlocks
  • Warning lights, audible alarms, door sensors, electronic door locks, emergency stop switches, room ventilation
Additional Features
  • Automatic data exchange with traceability systems for paperless operation
  • Temperature chambers available in numerous sizes and configuration including an auto-door chamber
  • Local versions include Chinese (Mandarin) and German menus
  • Fully password protected with levels of access for operators and supervisors
  • SureFire software contains a mode called "Interactive Mode" which provides manual control over all system hardware. This allows for easy diagnostics.
  • SureFire is fully database driven with test setups stored in "test profiles" for fast recall and repeatability
  • Compatible with Access, SQL Server and Oracle
  • Mobile system
  • A single SureFire can be configured to control up to 3 airbag test cells
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