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Airbag Testing

The name Microsys has been associated with airbag testing products since 1992. The product range for airbag testing includes:

Most of the major airbag manufacturers, suppliers of instrument panels (IP), suppliers of seats and OEM's are customers of our SureFire Airbag Test Systems. In short, any company that produces airbags or vehicle components that interact with airbags uses SureFire to ensure the design and quality of its products.

SureFire airbag customers benefit from the highest level of integration and productivity in the industry.


Airbag Inflator Testing

The Microsys product range for inflator testing includes:

Microsys Inflator Test Tanks lead the industry in terms of features and productivity.

The SureFire Inflator Test System performs a safe and adjustable firing of an inflator within a test tank. SureFire typically records data from one or more pressure sensors along with squib current and squib voltage readback. High speed data acquisition of squib voltage and current enables a detailed analysis of ignition and energy transfer, critical to understand the underlying reasons for inflator performance.


Seat Belt Pretensioner Testing

The Microsys SureFire Seat Belt Pretensioner Test System is used for engineering and production testing of retractor-style and buckle-style seat belt pyrotechnic pretensioners.
The SureFire Test System fires the seat belt pyrotechnic pretensioner and monitors seat belt linear displacement (retractor-style only), buckle displacement (buckle-style only), seat belt webbing load and belt anchor position load. The SureFire System includes high-speed data acquisition, safety interlocks, configurable test software and advanced analysis capabilities. High-speed digital video may be optionally added to the system.


Analysis Software & Data Management

PowerPlay is the popular Microsys Analysis Software. PowerPlay comes with many standard features for video and sensor data analysis and may be upgraded by adding toolkits for crash analysis, multiple window AVI creation and more.

  • PowerPlay Analysis Software - Image and data analysis, reporting

  • PowerPlay Multi-Window AVI Option - Combine video and graphs into an AVI file

  • PowerPlay Crash Analysis Toolkit - Comprehensive crash analysis & reporting

  • PowerPlay Limited Edition - Free data viewing software

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