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SureFire Airbag Deployment System

New Version released - SureFire G6 is raising the bar!

The SureFire airbag deployment system is the oldest and most popular product that Microsys offers with nearly 400 installations. It's most common usage is for lot acceptance testing (LAT), conformance of production (COP) testing, development testing, and DV/PV testing. 
SureFire customers include most major airbag manufacturers, instrument panel (IP) suppliers, seat suppliers and OEM's. In short, any company that produces airbags or a vehicle component that interacts with airbags use SureFire to ensure the design and quality of their product.
SureFire customers benefit from the highest levels of integration and productivity in the industry.

SureFire Airbag Deployment System: Produkte


Microsys has continuously evolved and improved the product since it's initial release in 1992. With so many installations you can be sure that SureFire is capable of meeting your needs.

The Microsys SureFire Airbag Deployment System includes high-speed video imaging, sensor logging, photographic lighting, squib power supplies, safety interlocks, configurable deployment software and sophisticated PowerPlay analysis software.

SureFire Airbag Deployment System customers include most of the major airbag and automotive interiors suppliers as well as numerous auto makers and independent test labs. Microsys airbag deployment systems are installed throughout North America, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Basic SureFire Features

  • Integrated airbag firing, high-speed camera control, sensor data acquisition and more. Deploy airbags either fully automatically or computer assisted.

  • Adjustable squib pulse controls, up to 8 squib fire supplies

  • High-speed 16 bit acquisition of squib voltage & current data as well as airbag pressure sensors

  • Hardware offset correction and improved electrical isolation result in greatly increased data accuracy

  • Squib resistance measurements, pre & post test

  • Controls high-speed cameras and photographic lights, saves image data and automatically creates AVI movies

  • Monitoring of temperature chambers

  • Saves test set-up parameters for multiple tests with instant recall

  • SureFire monitors all facility safety equipment such as emergency stop switches, door sensors & locks, exhaust fans, warning lights

  • Automatic data exchange with traceability systems for paperless operation

  • Oracle, MS Access, or MS SQL Server database integration for and quality management

  • Interactive operation of all system components to meet QS-9000 and ISO-9000.

  • Integrated support for most IDT/Redlake, Vision Research Phantom and NAC high-speed cameras

  • SAE J211 filter compliance

  • Sensor data analysis and trace math using the PowerPlay analysis software

  • Flexible and powerful test report generation

  • Synchronized playback of video and sensor data

  • Comes with installation, on-site training, documentation, calibration report, and comprehensive support package

High-Speed Video

  • Automatic camera setup, triggering, image retrieval, and data archiving

  • Selectable storage format: JPEG, TIFF, BAYER

  • Camera files stored in 2 locations for fail-safe operation

  • Automatic movie creation

  • Full integrated support for most high speed cameras from IDT, Vision Research and NAC

  • Available lighting systems include LED and high-intensity discharge lights (HID/HMI) for low-power & low-heat transfer applications. LED lights suitable for temperature/humidity test chambers.

  • All lighting systems automatically controlled

  • Numerous types of floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted light-track systems

  • Optional motorized camera & lighting positioning systems

Data Acquisition

  • Standard 16 bit data acquisition

  • Selectable data acquisition speed up to 100,000 samples per second.

  • Data acquisition available starting from 4 channels

  • SAE J211 anti-aliasing filters

  • Sensor database

  • Standard readback of squib current and squib voltage

  • Optional internal airbag pressure sensor

  • Automatic setup, triggering, and data archiving

  • Data storage in ISO 13499 or ASCII (CSV) format

  • Thermocouple data acquisition for long term monitoring of environmental chamber and part temperatures

  • Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring

Squib Fire Supplies

  • Configurable for up to 8 squib channels

  • Adjustable amplitude, duration, and time delay

  • Current pulse or voltage pulse firing

  • Squib safety circuit ensures safe operation

  • Full input and output isolation to ensure energy transfer always goes through the airbag inflator, and cross-talk interference will not occur

  • Automatic 4-wire squib resistance measurement both pre and post deployment

  • Squib cables rated for operation from -40C to +110C

Safety Interlocks

  • Automatic control and monitoring of all safety interlocks

  • Warning lights, audible alarms, door sensors, electronic door locks, emergency stop switches, room ventilation

Additional Features

  • Automatic data exchange with traceability systems for paperless operation

  • Temperature chambers available in numerous sizes and configuration including an auto-door chamber

  • Local versions include Chinese (Mandarin) and German menus

  • Fully password protected with levels of access for operators and supervisors

  • SureFire software contains a mode called "Interactive Mode" which provides manual control over all system hardware. This allows for easy diagnostics.

  • SureFire is fully database driven with test setups stored in "test profiles" for fast recall and repeatability

  • Compatible with Access, SQL Server and Oracle

  • Mobile system

  • A single SureFire can be configured to control up to 3 airbag test cells

SureFire Airbag Deployment System: Features
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