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Services and Support

Microsys provides a wide range of professional services and support to our customers to ensure that you can fully focus on your work.



Most Microsys Test Systems come with one year of comprehensive Test System Support. This includes unlimited telephone/email support, remote support and on-site support when available in your region. Even if your support contract has expired, Microsys will still provide support at a reasonable rate.

Remote support allows your Microsys Customer Service Representative to communicate directly with your test system using either the internet or a modem and phone line to provide support, remote training or even download a software upgrade.

Support renewals are offered to customers prior to expiration of the current support contract. Making sure that your system is always covered by a valid support contract is the best way you can increase the safety and reliability of your Microsys Test System.

When you require technical support for your Microsys Test System, please contact Microsys online, by telephone or by email:


Submit your request online by clicking the button at the end of this section.


Call +1 (905) 678-3288 and ask for customer service for technical support.


Support engineers are available between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST, Monday to Friday except during company holidays.

Support is also available from our Worldwide Sales and Support Network.



Microsys continues to enhance its products, adding new features and capabilities, many based on changing customer needs. Your Microsys Test System may have a software or hardware upgrade available right now. Upgrades usually cost a small fraction of the price of the original system and software upgrades are sometimes installed for free at the time your system is calibrated.

To check whether an upgrade is available for your system, contact Microsys sales today. At Microsys, we listen to our customers.



Most Microsys Test Systems come with comprehensive on-site training.

Training typically consists of 2 parts - one part is for operators and the other part is aimed at the system manager. Our training packages are flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs. Here are a few of the variations that are available:

  • hands-on, classroom style training, or a combination of both

  • training at your facility

  • training at the Microsys facility in Mississauga

Sometimes you may want to ask for supplementary training for new operators just to refresh your experienced staff. 

Contact Microsys sales to arrange for a training session personalized to your specific needs.



All Microsys Test Systems are calibrated either before leaving the factory or on-site following installation.

Calibrations are typically valid for one year and must be renewed on an annual basis. You will receive notification that your system is due for calibration renewal approximately 30 to 60 days prior to expiration.

A system calibration performed by Microsys personnel ensures your system is performing within specified operating limits and in proper working condition. It is usually a requirement under ISO-9000 and QS-9000 that your test system is calibrated annually.

Need help?
Contact Microsys customer service to arrange for a calibration verification of your test system, to ask for cost information or to check the date of expiry of your existing calibration.

Missing calibration reports or calibration certificates can be replaced free of charge by contacting customer service.



Many companies seek to take advantage of the experience that Microsys has in developing leading edge automated test systems.

If the specific technical details of your project have too many uncertainties, or the scope of the work is unknown, you may want to consider hiring Microsys on a consulting basis.

A few examples of the types of project that Microsys can work as consultant are:

  • Specification writing

  • Experimental development

  • Mini-projects

  • Cost analysis

  • Proposal writing

  • Test facility design

Contact Microsys sales for further information and a no obligation quotation.

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