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Pretensioner Testing

The Microsys SureFire Seat Belt Pretensioner Test System is used for engineering and production testing of retractor-style and buckle-style seat belt pyrotechnic pretensioners in automotive and other industries.



The SureFire Test System fires the seat belt pyrotechnic pretensioner and monitors seat belt linear displacement (retractor-style only), buckle displacement (buckle-style only), seat belt webbing load and belt anchor position load. The SureFire System includes high-speed data acquisition, safety interlocks, configurable test software and advanced analysis capabilities. High-speed digital video may be optionally added to the system.

For designers and manufacturers of seat belt pyrotechnic pretensioners who need to perform conformance testing, the Microsys SureFire Seat Belt Pretensioner Test System is a complete, highly integrated solution. The Microsys SureFire Airbag System fires the pretensioner within a safe and controlled environment. As the pretensioner moves the seat belt webbing, the test system reads seat belt linear displacement, belt load and anchor load. After the test, belt velocity and acceleration data are calculated and available for analysis.

The Microsys Seat Fixture is designed according to ECE 16 and can flexibly accommodate most pretensioner models by swapping small mounting plates.



  • Integrated high-speed data acquisition

  • Directly measured seat belt linear displacement (retractor-style only) or buckle displacement (buckle-style only)

  • Calculated seat belt velocity and acceleration

  • Control and monitoring of safety interlocks including emergency stop switches, safety sensors, audible alarms and warning lights

  • SAE J211 compliance

  • Sensor data analysis and trace math with PowerPlay

  • Fully ECE 16 compliant seat fixture

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  • Fully automated testing - Test system monitors and activates all safety and data acquisition equipment for test setup, performs a controlled firing of the seat belt pretensioner and displays the test results.

  • Specified and save product test parameters - Test setup parameters for multiple products can instantly be rerieved. Product test specifications can easily be changed to meet new engineering requirements.

  • Modifications to the test system can easily be incorporated -Changes to system characteristics like transducer calibration data, event timing and device addresses are easily incorporated by a password protected system configuration screen.

  • Computer-assisted system check - Permits manual operation of components for complete system verification in order to meet QS 9000 and ISO 9000 requirements. Allows for quick and easy performance of maintenance and troubleshooting exercises.

  • Automated test reporting - Notes from analysis can be documented and stored with test results for complete reporting. LAT test results can be automatically communicated to a plant floor inventory control computer. Specific test results can be easily imported into your office software for analysis and review.


PowerPlay Analysis & Reporting Software

PowerPlay provides all necessary analysis functions for seat belt pretensioners. Major features are:

  • Sensor viewing and analysis

  • Sensor analysis

  • Report generation

PowerPlay perfectly balances a powerful feature list with easy handling. Click here for further information about PowerPlay.

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