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iMotion - Camera Control Software

Operators of high-speed cameras in sled and barrier facilities spend a significant portion of their time on cameras related functions: camera set-up, image download, AVI creation and image archival. iMotion greatly improves the productivity of these facilities by automating most of the camera related tasks.

iMotion Features

iMotion provides the following major features:

  • Saves camera set-ups in “test profiles” for instant recall
  • Provides for entry and saving of test meta data
  • Full camera parameter control and arming
  • Automatic image download
  • Automatic creation of enhanced AVIs
  • Automatic image file and AVI archival
  • Database driven: Access, SQL Server, Oracle support
  • Automatic or semi-automatic operation using iMotion Interactive Mode

For customers with multiple test cells or multiple test labs, standardizing on iMotion provides even more benefits, such as:

  • Ensures consistent data formats and directory structures
  • Ensures compatibility with your analysis software
  • Facilitates cross-training of operators and technicians so that personnel may be flexible deployed between labs or between test cells
  • Allows the use of electronic test request technologies 
  • Database driven software allows for statistical data analysis & reporting

Upgrade iMotion to control additional crash facility equipment for the highest possible level of productivity:

  • DAS (data acquisition)
  • Lighting control
  • Airbag firing
  • Facility safety interlocks
iMotion Supported Cameras

iMotion supports the following highs-speed cameras:

  • IDT N series, Y series
  • Vision Research Phantom family
  • NAC GX family
  • Redlake: HG-100K/LE, HG-2000/100+, MotionPro X-3/4

For the latest list of supported cameras please contact Microsys.


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