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Microsys Products for Testing Airbag Inflators

This section provides an overview of Microsys products made for independent testing of airbag inflators. The inflator test product range includes:

Inflator Test Tanks - iTanks

Microsys inflator test tanks lead the industry in terms of features and productivity.

For example, the Microsys iTank includes a submarine style door for easy access without the need for power tools. A water cooling jacket allows for very fast test cycle times by rapidly bringing the tank wall temperature back to ambient levels.

Size availability include 28.3L (1 cubic foot) and 60L, as well as several other popular sizes.

Microsys iTanks are designed to operate both independently or conjunction with the SureFire Inflator Test System.

More information about how Microsys iTanks may be right for you is available here.

SureFire Inflator Test System - In brief

The SureFire Inflator Test System performs a safe, controlled firing of an inflator within a test tank. Squib firing pulses are easily adjusted within SureFire and can be quickly recalled by selecting the appropriate test profile. SureFire will typically record data from one or more pressure sensors along with squib current and squib voltage readback. High speed data acquisition of squib voltage and current enables a detailed analysis of ignition and energy transfer, critical to understand the underlying reasons for inflator performance.

SureFire customers for inflator testing include most major airbag and inflator manufacturers. These customers benefit from the highest levels of test productivity in the industry.

Click here for more information about the SureFire airbag inflator test system.


Microsys cold gas inflation test system - In brief

The Microsys cold gas airbag inflation system is used to inflate airbags using compressed air, effectively simulating an airbag inflator. There are 2 primary applications for the Microsys Cold Gas System:

Application #1 - To replace an actual airbag inflator for airbag deployment

In this mode the Microsys Cold Gas System is an inexpensive, adjustable and repeatable substitute for an actual inflator. 

Airbag manufacturers use this product for airbag module development. Replacing the inflator and it's variability with the Microsys cold gas system results in a better design and shorter design cycles. It also reduces the cost of design as the Microsys cold gas system consumables cost is only a fraction the cost of an inflator.

Instrument panel and seat suppliers use the Microsys Cold Gas System to reduce the cost of LAT/COP testing of their products.

Application #2 - To develop performance specifications for a cold gas inflator

In this mode the Microsys Cold Gas System is a development tool that saves both time and money.

Airbag manufacturers use this product for airbag module development. The cold gas system output can be quickly and easily adjusted to achieve the desired airbag module performance, then used to determine the inflator performance specifications. 

Click here for more information about the Microsys Cold Gas System.


PowerPlay Analysis and Reporting Software - In brief

PowerPlay provides all necessary inflator analysis functions. Major features includes:

  • Sensor viewing and analysis
  • US Car corridor analysis
  • Report generation

PowerPlay perfectly balances a powerful feature list with ease of use. Click here for further information about PowerPlay and detailed specifications.

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