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SureFire for Crash Testing

For many years customers asked if Microsys could help them improve the productivity of their barrier and sled testing process just as SureFire had done so successfully for airbag testing. Microsys listened and in 2003 released a suite of software and hardware products for the crash test market.

Microsys designed the SureFire crash test software after extensive consultation with operators of sled and barrier facilities. SureFire was made to meet the following broad objectives:

  1. Significantly decrease the amount of time the operator spends managing the high-speed cameras by automating the camera setup, image download and AVI conversion

  2. Allow different camera makes & models to seamlessly combined. This would give sled and barrier managers the ability to purchase on-board cameras from one vendor and off-board cameras from another.

  3. Allow different DAS makes & models to seamlessly combined. This would make it possible to use a dummy with an embedded DAS from one vendor along with a traditional DAS from another vendor.

  4. Provide a user experience that is consistent between test cells: barrier, sled and component. This would allow operators to be quickly cross trained for greater management efficiency

  5. To be completely database driven, thus allowing for traceability, statistical reporting, test setup recall, and fast search & recall of test results
Crash Test Partners

In addition to Microsys products the company has formed alliances with many of the major equipment providers, allowing customers to order a complete crash test facility from Microsys.

Many customers prefer to have a single company provide the instrumentation for their sled or barrier facility. This "turnkey" approach improves communication and schedule coordination among the vendors. It also simplifies post-installation support by removing "finger-pointing".

The Microsys approach to providing a turnkey crash facility combines instrumentation from our partners with Microsys planning, project management, control software, installation, training and support.

Our partners:

  • For data acquisition systems: DTS and Kayser Threde
  • For high speed cameras: IDT, Vision Research, NAC
  • For HMI lighting: KHS
  • For dummies: Humanetics
SureFire Specifications

See the complete list of the major SureFire crash specification and features to learn about the benefits of using SureFire for sled and barrier applications.

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