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SureFire for Crash Testing - Major Features

SureFire software is modular product that can be configured to control some or all of the test instrumentation in a crash facility.

  • High-speed camera control
  • Data acquisition system control
  • Photographic light system control
  • Management of facility safety issues
  • Trigger distribution and signal management

Major features of the SureFire software for crash testing:

High-Speed Video
  • Automatic camera setup, triggering, image retrieval, and data archiving
  • Selectable storage format: JPEG, TIFF, BAYER
  • Camera files stored in 2 locations for fail-safe operation
  • Automatic AVI creation
  • Full integrated support for the most popular high speed cameras from IDT, Vision Research and NAC, as well as support for legacy cameras from Kodak/Redlake
  • SureFire can control cameras from different makers at the same time
  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • Imager & lens database
  • Saves camera set-ups in “test profiles” for instant recall
Data Acquisition
  • Fully integrated support for DTS TDAS Pro and KT MINIDAU
  • KT and DTS can be mixed together and seamlessly controlled
  • DAS equipment & sensor inventory database
  • Can operate in disconnected mode
  • Automatic DAS setup and data download
  • Sensor data saved in ISO-13499 format
  • Auto-build of test profile based on sensor electronic IDs
  • Links test configuration information to test results for traceability
Lighting & Safety Interlocks
  • Control of HMI lighting systems: warm-up, normal & boost modes
  • Control of lighting system position
  • Lighting system controls synchronized with sled fire control
  • Control and monitoring of safety interlocks
Additional Features
  • SureFire interacts with the sled or barrier propulsion control to ensure the timing of the instrumentation controls is synchronized with the test
  • Automatic data exchange with traceability systems for paperless operation
  • SureFire is fully database driven with test setups stored in "test profiles" for fast recall and repeatability
  • Database driven: Access, SQL Server, Oracle support
  • Provides for entry and saving of test meta data
  • Localized versions include Chinese and German menus
  • Fully password protected with levels of access for operators and supervisors
  • SureFire software contains a mode called "Interactive Mode" which provides manual control over all system hardware. This allows for easy diagnostics.
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