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PowerPlay Multi-Window AVI

This powerful PowerPlay™ option is used to create AVI movie files combining multiple video or sensor windows. Called the PowerPlay Multi-Window AVI option, the resulting AVI can contain up to 9 windows. This AVI can be distributed to customers or colleagues, allowing them to view time-synchronized, time-stamped test results using Windows Media Player. 
Each of the 9 windows may be either a high-speed video or a sensor graph. As well, selected information can be added to a banner along with bottom of the AVI, such as frame time, frame number, frame rate, date and comments. You can also add your logo to the beginning of the AVI file. 
The PowerPlay Multi-Window AVI option is intended for companies who want to add value to their archived or distributed video and sensor test results. 
Here is a screen capture from an AVI file created with the PowerPlay Multi-Window AVI option. It was created with 3 windows, two containing high-speed videos and the other containing a sensor graph.

PowerPlay Multi-Window AVI Option: Produkte
mutli window avi.JPG
PowerPlay Multi-Window AVI Option: Features
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